Welcome to Lancaster Consulting

International Oil & Gas Industry Specialists

The Lancaster Consulting website aims to provide you with summary information about our company, the skills we have and the services we can provide. What cannot be displayed is the quality, integrity and confidentiality of our service – though our clients can testify to this.

We hope that you find what in this site, but if you do not or have any questions or comments please contact us immediately.

Lancaster Consulting looks forward to being of service to you.


Our values

  • “Integrity”: LC will behave with integrity in all professional and business relationships. Integrity implies not merely honesty but fair dealing and truthfulness. LC’s advice and work will be neither corrupted by self-interest nor influenced by the interests of other parties.
  • “Objectivity”: LC will strive for objectivity in all professional and business judgements. Objectivity is the state of mind, which has regard to all considerations relevant to the task in hand but no other.
  • “Competence”: LC will undertake professional work only where it has the necessary competence required to carry out that work, supplemented where necessary by appropriate assistance or consultation.
  • “Performance”: LC will carry out professional work expeditiously with due skill, care, diligence and with proper regard for the technical and professional standards.
  • “Courtesy”: LC will conduct business with courtesy and consideration towards all with whom it comes into contact during the course of performing its work.